John Clayton Jazz

About this project

Music is a tree and musicians are a family.

On this journey, we meet many people who help us shape our own personal musical family tree and every one plays an important role. It could be someone early on who turns you on to music that changes your life, a fellow musician whom you perform with every night or even sometimes, if you’re lucky, one of your musical idols. Once that connection happens, that person is forever considered “family.”

Welcome to the Family Tree project. Houston Person is one of those people. Houston and my brother Jeff were the perfect example of brothers from another mother brought together through music to truly become family.

Houston and I have been talking about recording an album together for years now and the time has fiinally come. In additon to creating new music together, we will also be visiting and sharing the stories of our musical family tree with you through ArtistShare.

Please join us and be a part of the Family Tree.

Parlor Series Volume III – Family Tree

2. That’s That

3. Carzy He Calls Me

4. Everything Must Change

5. Rock Me to Sleep

Thank you to all of the participants!

ArtistShare® Gold Participant

Sari Hornstein

ArtistShare® Bronze Participants

Peggy Barber

Madeleline Crouch

Ian Gleissner

Jeff Kellem

Stephanie Nelson

Michael Peak

Kelly Peterson

Gary Williams

Didi Wilson

Family Friend Participants

Peter Bankoff

Janet Berry

Anne Boyle

Edythe Bronston

Robin Deighan

David Hufford

David Kingsnorth

Ira Nepus

Celine Peterson

Jean-Marc Polier

David Ross

Dale Thalley

Ryan Truesdell

Klaus Schruff

Larry Stewart

Joan Sullivan

Joseph Sullivan

George ‘Skip’ Wallach

Mary Wilson

A huge thanks as well to Cathy Stone for her incredible support of The Family Tree project as well as past projects.


John Clayton – Bass

Houston Person – Saxophone

Produced by John Clayton, Joel Moss and Brian Camelio

Recorded at Sear Sound, NYC January 17th, 2023

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Joel Moss

Production Coordinator – J4U Entertainment, LLC

Terri L. Harper, David A. Harper

B/W Photography – Patrick Hilaire Photography

Original Artwook / Design – Shelley Hubbard

Management (John Clayton) – Gail Boyd Artist Management

Houston Person appears courtesy of HighNote Records

John Clayton uses Evah Pirastro strings


This recording is dedicated to the memory of my brother, Jeff Clayton, whose “Family Tree” roots are so strong that they affect me daily.