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BASS PLAYERS! Wanna have some fun with me this summer? The same kind of fun that drummer, Obed Calvaire (see photo) discovered when he TOUCHED the bass??? Please join us at the Centrum Jazz Workshop, July 24-30. It takes place in Port Townsend, WA. The bass faculty will include Harish Rhagavan, Christoph Luty, Chuck Deardorf, Jon Hamer and yours truly. Some of the other faculty will include Jeff Hamilton, Sean Jones, George Cables, Taylor Eigsti, Wycliffe Gordon, Gerald Clayton, Matt Wilson, Jeff Clayton, Grace Kelly and more! Scholarships and assistance are available. Act now! (sheesh. I sound like a bad TV commercial) Go to
The other photo is of the wildlife you see, hanging out with you while you wait in line for lunch…or whatever. I hope to see you there.


Obed touching bass smallPort Townsend deer


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