John Clayton Jazz

The Clurie Bennis Children’s Outreach Series – The Birth of Jazz (March 2020)


March 5 – 8, 2020

The Clurie Bennis Children’s Outreach Series provides free, high-quality music education experiences to Cleveland schools and communities. In this series educational pieces take the form of cultural experiences relayed through music, theater and dance, allowing CityMusic teaching artists to engage children with music not represented in traditional curriculum. Each year two to four separate pieces are designed to maximize student participation and open up new avenues of cultural appreciation through music.

The Birth of Jazz (March 2020)

Acclaimed jazz bassist and composer John Clayton joins CityMusic to present a journey through the cultural and historical elements that came together to create Jazz. Children will learn how to “swing” as Clayton and his partner musicians invite students to help create the unique rhythms underpinning jazz, and will learn how to “scat” – using nonsense syllables as they improvise rhythm and or/melody.



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