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Entrez Vous – from the album, “Siblingity”

My brother wrote a haunting and beautiful melody. Whatever he was going through came out in this song and the poem that inspired it. Sometimes, “We be deep!”


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Entrez Vous

When you touch me I glow

With the feelings you hoped for

I don’t want you to close the door of opportunity

I’m accustomed to emptiness

A song that’s sung without a sweet caress

As one I’ve wandered aimlessly for two.

Hinges open one way

Broken promises broken

But I feel my heart open up

The door that swings both ways

For my life to be rich and whole

I acquiesce to your complete control

I believe what you tell me is true

 I love you Entre Vous

Entrez Vous Entrez Vous

Come on in it’s just me and you

Entrez Vu

Lay your coat

And your hat

On the rack

Give a sign

And a clue

I can see through your heart your mind

My powers, strong enough to alter time

With your love in tow I know all’s conceivable

Entrez Vous Entrez Vous

Shed the baggage you carry

Lay your head On my heart

Tarry not

Don’t delay

Days are short

Time moves on

True love travels in groups of two

That’s one for me and one to carry you

I believe in the love that we share

…in the love that we share

we’re a pair

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